Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I Must!.....or it's all in the details

It's the little things that count........

And I NEED this:

Click the pic!

So, how can you get some bling on your soles?

& Buy em at Belles & Crystals

& Follow Bridal blogger  The Wedding Chicks' excellent step-by-step instructions! 

& You can have a custom word stencil made by Creative Crystal for $4.99 to make the DIY project even easier

& Or, cruise your local scrapbooking or crafts store to look for some premade crystal stickers like these:
I found these on line at for less than $3

Sunday, September 19, 2010

She Said Yes! to the Dress

There were a lot of close calls.....when the credit card almost came out of the wallet.

But those dresses very simply...... good enough,  or perfect if there was just a bit of lace here, or a sleeve removed there. Or, if it was in a different fabric.  Or a different color.   Or those silly pick-ups could be taken out. Or......just something was a little different. 

But there was this one dress........that was really good just the way it was.   

And suddenly all the other dresses I had seen were just, well, wrong.    So I went back to visit my dress.

And it really was THAT good.  So, I said YES!

I bet you're thinking I'm going to post a photo of side dress here so you can oogle it........

not so much.

You'll need to wait another 180 days.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Trend Watch: The Monogram

Since I was in the wedding planning game some 20+ years ago, things have changed. Mostly for the good.

Take a look at this fabulous wedding monogram I had made:

How cool is that??
I stay up at night thinking of how many things I can slap that on!!

Want one? 

In search of the perfect signature cocktail

Presenting the Pink Squirel.......courtey of MadMen.

Two decades later, I'm learning, there are several trends I missed out on. One is the "Signature Cocktail".  Whether an old standard that is special to the bride and groom,  a subtle twist on a popular drink, or a completely original concotion dreamed up for the big day, having a customized cocktail for the big day is now a must.

For brides who are sticklers for a theme,  the drink must not only be tasty, but match her decor.

Before you gasp.........I will not be ordering up a pink drink!   But the look and vintage 1960's origin of the Pink Squirel is to delightful not to mention.   And if that's not cool enough, it is made with crème de noyaux  - a liquoir that's no longer even made!

So, the hunt continues..........