Sunday, September 12, 2010

In search of the perfect signature cocktail

Presenting the Pink Squirel.......courtey of MadMen.

Two decades later, I'm learning, there are several trends I missed out on. One is the "Signature Cocktail".  Whether an old standard that is special to the bride and groom,  a subtle twist on a popular drink, or a completely original concotion dreamed up for the big day, having a customized cocktail for the big day is now a must.

For brides who are sticklers for a theme,  the drink must not only be tasty, but match her decor.

Before you gasp.........I will not be ordering up a pink drink!   But the look and vintage 1960's origin of the Pink Squirel is to delightful not to mention.   And if that's not cool enough, it is made with crème de noyaux  - a liquoir that's no longer even made!

So, the hunt continues..........

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